I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Bradburd Lab at Michigan State University, and before that I earned my PhD in the Botany Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I study: the various degrees to which organisms can respond to environment change through dispersal, evolution, and phenotypic plasticity; how the potential to adapt through each of these avenues varies across populations and species; and how these differences dictate the ways in which disparate populations respond to ecological change.

I use field observations, greenhouse and field experiments, next-generation molecular genetic sequencing, high-throughput computational workflows, and data syntheses to address these questions.

One of my main research goals is to provide results that are applicable in conservation and management settings. I have enjoyed collaborations with social scientists, foresters, land managers, visual artists, and green designers.

I work to share my appreciation and respect for the intricate and delicate balances defining natural systems with others outside of the scientific community. Scientific knowledge belongs to everyone.

Research Keywords:
  • genetic diversity
  • local adaptation
  • inbreeding
  • botany
  • reproducible research
  • high-throughput computing

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